We build disruptive startups, with a humanitarian focus.


We work with Angel Investors to launch new breakthrough technologies that promise to help humanity and the planet.

Our mission is to increase the chances of success for new startups, doing our small part to make the world a better place for future generations. We do this in 3 phases:

1. Technical Diligence

We audit the science and tech of your investment opportunities to ensure commercial viability.

2. Minimum Viable Product

We match the innovation with a market and business opportunity, and guide the research teams toward minimum viable product development.

3. Go-To-Market

We craft custom-tailored, technical brand identities, go to market strategies and custom content to ignite your story.

“Moonshot Works is a real strategic asset. They give you an honest, clear look into your investment’s viability, and then work with you build a lean startup based on solid business fundamentals with a clear voice.”

Frank Jao

Founder, Molecule Technologies

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