Step 1.

Technical Auditing & Market Validation.

First, we need to ensure that the technology or product behind your vision has merit based on solid scientific and engineering data, during the TRL’s 1-3 (“Technology Readiness Level”). We work with the researchers directly to ensure that there is a truly objective look at the technology, without the “rose-colored-glasses” and that the tech isn’t being painted in the all-too-common, overly optimistic light disconnected from reality. Our hands-on approach keeps the project along a rigorous vetting process and structured product development process, toward delivering a patented technology / product that delivers a disruptive benefit to some key industry need.

Step 2.

Minimum Viable Product & Commercialization.

Second, we bridge the gap between the scientific research teams, real-world engineering needs and market needs, to ensure that the research is actively guided towards a tangible end product that solves with real-world expectations. We help guide the researchers to what’s relevant for the engineering teams as we move into higher TRL’s 4-6. At the same time, we generate market analyses by integrating with end-user stakeholders, users and process development teams towards product optimization and build support for early-adopter and pilot programs, with a proof-of-concept real world working prototype, and path to market.

Step 3.


Third, we prepare the technology / product up as a deliverable with a comprehensive go to market plan as we progress through TRL 7-9. This can be prepped to be a standalone startup ready for investment backed by a business plan and market penetration strategy, or a technology for sale to an incumbent as a turn-key new product ready for market. The goal is to get the message out about your new innovation in the most expedient way possible to your specific target market, creating value for your idea to the end user. This is the exciting shouting from the rooftops moment and your turn to shine!

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