We build Startups, from the Ground-Up.

Molecule USA, Inc. & Molecule RnD LTD (IRE)

Dover, Delware based Molecule USA, Inc. and Limerick, Ireland based Molecule RnD LTD we  co-founded to solve the grand challenges that face humanity and the planet in the 21st Century. To do this, we scour the globe, looking for emerging technologies that hold the promise to be cutting-edge solutions to these grand challenges. Our mission is to help undo the damage caused by the 21st Century, and to leave this world a better place than we found it.

We work hand-in-hand between academic R&D labs, engineering firms, marketing solutions and end users, to ensure that the technology emerging from the labs has a chance to make it in the real world. Once the technologies have reached a sufficient level of maturity on their road to development, we spin them out and launch them as wholly-owned subsidiary companies to house that technology.

These spinouts are established with the help of international Legal and Accounting Firm support to be ripe for acquisition, investment, co-development or joint-venture, to deliver value to industry and the planet simultaneously.

Our overall mission is to launch multiple of these spinouts, all focused on solving the various humanitarian challenges described in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

We build solutions to these challenges and launch them as independent companies, which then reinvest the profits from each venture back into Molecule’s fund, so that we can tackle more and more cutting-edge technologies, turning them into viable, sustainable and healthy companies, focused on making the world a better place through impact investing.

This makes Molecule a self-funded startup incubator, which reinvests profits to self-fund additional R&D growth.

Please visit: www.molecule.ie to learn more.

Clear Materials, LTD. (IRE)

Molecule’s first spinout company, Clear Materials LTD is an Ireland based company, bringing to market a new class of next-generation industrial desiccant materials to improve the efficiency of the global HVAC process air humidity control marketplace. These materials have been co-developed with the Crystal Engineering Group within the Chemical Engineering Department at University of Limerick, Ireland. The principal investigator for the project is Dr. Michael Zaworotko, Ph.D., who Thomson-Reuters ranks as a top-20 highest cited chemist in the world.

The innovation is that the materials have been specifically designed to catch and release water vapor far more efficiently than any of the materials in use around the world today. Water vapor removal is a critical component of many industrial processes around the world. It is used for humidity management in many industries including: pharmaceutical, food packaging, dairy, chemical, cosmetics, refining and even office building humidity control.

What makes the application unique is that our materials remove water vapor from the process air just like normal desiccants but release the water vapor at much lower temperatures than any other desiccant available today. This is key, because normal desiccants require superheated jets of air, up to 200°C (400°F) to release the water vapor after it is absorbed. In contrast, our new designer desiccant can release the same water payload at less than 50°C (122°F).

This translates into greatly improved energy-efficiency, lower operating costs, lower environmental thermal output and improved air conditioning performance. We are working with some of the largest HVAC companies in the world to bring this product to market, so that together, we can do our part to reduce the greenhouse heat effect of entire cities.

One of the fascinating side effects of the technology, is that the lower exhaust temperature promises to allow commercial HVAC dehumidifier systems used in many manufacturing processes and office buildings to be retrofitted to produce ultra pure water on demand.

Please visit www.clearmaterials.com to learn more.


A niche product aimed squarely at helping professional agents in the surety and insurance marketplace, we built the encyclopedia of everything surety bonds. You can look up information about every surety bond in the United States, and even download and print the necessary forms for securing a surety product for your customer.

Suretypedia is the go-to resource for information on surety bonds in the United States. Suretypedia sources curated articles on over 10,000 unique forms of surety. Our mission is to provide transparent, in-depth information on every surety bond in America. Suretypedia is designed to benefit the education community, the insurance industry, the organizations (government, quasi-government and private) that establish surety bond requirements and the businesses and individuals who purchase surety bonds.

Please visit www.suretypedia.com to learn more.

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