The current state of world affairs from an alternate Asymmetric Warfare perspective.

Created for the FBI’s InfraGard & National Disaster Resilience Council (NDRC).

READ ME FIRST: The following videos, presentations and comments are presented for consideration, in the hopes of starting discussions and debates. They are not intended to be taken as a statement of “absolute fact,” but rather to open a dialogue of what might be possible. The spirit is to seek to understand the future of “Gray-Zone” or “Hybrid” or “Electronic” war, so that we can assess, evaluate and decide how to respond. My single goal is to be of use to others, and do what I can to protect the future of democracy for future generations. The opinions stated herein are my own.

Thank you, Bjorn Simundson, founder Moonshot Works, Inc. (Member of InfraGard and National Disaster Resilience Council.)

Video 1. WWIII
[Economic Warfare and the end of the PetroDollar.] – 13min video about the $USD hegemony and a coordinated attack to dethrone the PetroDollar and the US Dollar as the global reserve currency. What this is, and what it could mean.

*UPDATE March 16th* This presentation was recorded on March 2nd, 2022. Unfortunately, since then the loss of the PetroDollar is no longer a theory, it appears to be in action right now, and presented on mainstream news outlets at an accelerating pace. One must look at history to predict where this could lead, and unfortunately this appears irreversible. You must educate yourself on what it means to lose the global reserve currency, and how to prepare accordingly.

The Fiat PetroDollar will likely be replaced by crypto on an international level. One must think as a strategist from “the other side of the chessboard” to open one’s mind to discover the motives of the other players.

Losing the petrodollar and the global reserve currency status will have major effects on the U.S. Economy. Prepare accordingly.

Video 2. WWIII – a.k.a. “WWE” (electronic).

The Future of Money (is digital) – 15 min

Topic: Crypto basics. Regulation and blocking will be tempting, but strategically disastrous. Embrace, move forward. Innovation is key.

*UPDATE MARCH 16, 2022*

It is imperative that we understand what digital money IS, how it works, and how it levels the economic playing field. In the mainstream news, the fall of the petrodollar is accelerating. There is much speculation that certain cryptos will be used to go right around the traditional banking system, simply because they eliminate the friction caused by the traditional banking system.

On top of this, looking from “the other side of the chessboard” one must understand that many other nations see the $USD as an economic weapon, and as a result a new system that eliminates sanction risk via SWIFT would be in their country’s best interest.

Hence, the use of crypto assets internationally is not something that the US can simply legislate themselves out of, that would put us at a distinct disadvantage on the world economic stage.

This presentation builds upon the first video, the Loss of the Petrodollar.

Video 3. WWIII / WWE Social(ist) Media Asymmetric Weapon of War to enforce Police State tied to digital money. – 13min


Your use of Social(ist) media puts you at direct risk of being found guilty of a crime you didn’t commit. This can be used to enforce a totalitarian state for purposes of command & control by tricking algorithms to enforce an agenda. Is Big Tech being used as the catalyst to unveil an authoritarian, communist, totalitarian state, tying social credit score to your ability to transact financially?

This 13min video shows 2 examples of “deep-fakes” to illustrate the concept.

Future topics for discussion:

Now that we are beginning to understand that we are living in a changing, dynamic environment, we must now identify additional threats to our civilian population, including but not limited to energy/water/food/communication/defense/logistics/eduction and other necessities for a thriving community. That said, we must not only bring up the problems, but also the solutions that can be readily implemented to inoculate our communities against the various threats posed by hybrid warfare.


  1. Threats to our power grid and what it means, tech to address it, strategies and policies that can be implemented nationwide, by going grassroots at the community level.
  2. Education sabotage and communist agenda. How we can take back our kid’s future.
  3. The collapse of the petrodollar is now in motion. What does it mean to protect your assets in a hyper inflationary environment.
  4. Heath risks, causes, preventive maintenance strategies, cures and getting yourself off of pharmaceutical drugs.
  5. OSINT and HUMINT curation of the truth to mitigate false-positive risks posed by weaponized social media caused GIGO.
  6. Home farming, food sustainability solutions to mitigate risks of food supply disruptions like we are now seeing with countries like Argentina stopping exports.
  7. How to identify, buy and build EMP-proof trucks to ensure your family’s ability to remain mobile in a Black-Sky event. (I videoed the build of my 1983 diesel suburban for this purpose.)
  8. Liberty. Threats to the Constitution are active, how to rebuild the Liberty Movement in our country to unite the divided public.
  9. And much, much more!

Use the CONTACT page if you want to participate, be on camera with me, and/or provide credible information and topics for discussion. 

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