Molecule USA, Inc. Sorbent Atmospheric Water Generators for medical-grade water-from-air. 

In 2016, we were given the challenge to invent a solution to the world’s water problem. To do this, we realized that to make water abundance a reality, it would be necessary to rethink how water is made, not just collected.

So, while others look down to filter out the bad stuff, and yield the good water, we looked up for our solution. Because we realized that we didn’t necessarily have a water supply problem per-se, we had a water distribution problem. Water was all around, just not necessarily where you needed it to be!

Mother Nature provides you with what some call “wireless water” which is found in the humidity in the air… we just had to find a way to capture, condense and collect it. That, in turn would give us the ability to make water where we needed it, without needing a source of water in the first place.

This became a multi-year R&D project that has now yielded the world’s most capable and efficient water-from-air generator, now in use with the US Military for Joint Special Operations. The technology is designed to solve water logistics for forward operations, saving lives, saving costs, and simplifying logistics at the same time.

Each of these compact, modular and mobile water-from-air units makes enough water per day to sustain the lives of 25 soldiers, indefinitely, from a unit that can fit in the back of any full-size pickup truck.

That, in turn is not just a good idea, it works and is truly revolutionary technology.


Molecule USA’s Atmospheric Water Generators are proud to be featured in this years Project Convergence 2022 for Army Futures Command.


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California, we have a [water] problem.

California is in the midst of what experts are calling a once-in-1,200-year drought, and now at the beginning of summer, our drinking water reservoirs are already nearly dry. In this first video, we take a little tour of Lake Casitas drinking water reservoir near Ojai, California. This crisis is why we created Molecule USA, Inc. dedicated to “solving the world’s water crisis.”

Have a watch of this little 3min fun video and then read on!

Introducing a solution to the world’s water problem.

New material technology unlocks sustainable production of water from air,  even in arid environments.

“The rising demand for water efficiency and management solutions opens up an array of investment opportunities in new technologies, infrastructure and innovation. The water market, which is expected to reach US$914.9 billion by 2023, could provide an opportunity to grow wealth, while also investing in companies that seek to create a better tomorrow.”RBC Wealth Management

In 2016, Moonshot Works was hired to help build Molecule USA, Inc. from the ground-up. Our challenge was “to develop technology that can help solve the world’s water crisis.”

How we developed a solution to the world’s water problem.

To solve this grand challenge, we conducted market analysis, technical diligence, founded the business, built the brand identity and established targeted market awareness. We reasoned that humidity in the air could provide a decentralized and distributed sustainable source of water, but that the current  atmospheric water generators (AWG) can’t work anywhere but the tropics, because they are at the mercy of the fluctuating temperature and humidity in the air.

To fix this problem, we envisioned a new kind of AWG design that would be powered by a new type of sorbent material. We conducted a rigorous technical diligence program on the commercially available sorbents, and those new sorbent materials emerging from academia. All of the sorbents failed our technical diligence program due to performance, cost or instability problems.

Therefore, in 2018 we embarked in our own sorbent development program, to build the perfect “Goldilocks” material from the ground up, that would have bigger capacity, better low humidity performance, and use less energy.

The result of that material development R&D program has now yielded the world’s best atmospheric water generators, that can work down to freezing temperatures and in as little as 12% relative humidity. The video on this page showcases our proof-of-concept  3rd Generation prototype we developed for the US Military.

This solution can be scaled up and down to meet the needs of resilient buildings, onboard vehicle platforms for First Aid, forward operating bases, off-planet space and lunar applications, and scaled up for generating the equivalent to distilled water on-site for pennies per liter.

MoonshotWorks is an authorized distributor of Molecule Atmospheric Water Generators.

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How we did it. Here’s a video we made after making the first proof-of-concept prototype that is (to our knowledge) the world’s first AWG to work in the winter in Canada! This was the prototype that got the attention of DARPA when we presented at their Atmospheric Water Extraction Presenter’s Day in Jan 2020. This prototype was generating about a liter per hour from our prototype we liked to say was made out of zip ties and duct tape. It worked! This led to the US Army Corps of Engineers asking us to develop the larger form factor which helps the Dept of Defense solve their $250B/yr bottled water for troops around the world problem. We were hired to invent and develop this product to the prototype and definition of market level. This company is now poised for rapid scaling.

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