Introducing a solution to the world’s water problem.

New material technology unlocks sustainable production of water from air,  even in arid environments.

“The rising demand for water efficiency and management solutions opens up an array of investment opportunities in new technologies, infrastructure and innovation. The water market, which is expected to reach US$914.9 billion by 2023, could provide an opportunity to grow wealth, while also investing in companies that seek to create a better tomorrow.”RBC Wealth Management

In 2016, Moonshot Works was hired to help build Molecule USA, Inc. from the ground-up. Our challenge was “to develop technology that can help solve the world’s water crisis.”

SUCCESSFUL EXIT, MAY 2023. Molecule USA, Inc. Sorbent Atmospheric Water Generators for medical-grade water-from-air.

NEWS timeline.

Tampa water startup acquired its first company. Here’s why.

Genesis Systems aims to become a leading provider of renewable water through buying other companies.

Genesis Systems acquires Molecule Inc. to hasten advanced renewable water supply solutions to crippling global water scarcity.

Molecule Secures Purchase Order From the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Civil works project aims to deliver portable power and water to support disaster relief and humanitarian efforts.

New Desiccant Material Performance Crushes Industry-Standard Material by up to 350%.

Molecule’s Regeneration Optimized Sorbent is poised to disrupt low-humidity HVAC applications and provide atmospheric water generation in water stressed cities worldwide.

Irish scientists develop material which could ‘help solve global water crisis’

RESEARCHERS FROM the University of Limerick have developed a new material which can produce water from the air, even in the most hostile of environments.

Why crystals will save the world

It started with a dream 30 years ago. The dream was of crystal engineering, that material science would become like architecture and allow intervention in nature to design new materials.

How we did it.

Here’s a video we made after making the first proof-of-concept prototype that is (to our knowledge) the world’s first AWG to work in the winter in Canada! This was the prototype that got the attention of DARPA when we presented at their Atmospheric Water Extraction Presenter’s Day in Jan 2020. This prototype was generating about a liter per hour from our prototype we liked to say was made out of zip ties and duct tape. It worked! This led to the US Army Corps of Engineers asking us to develop the larger form factor which helps the Dept of Defense solve their $250B/yr bottled water for troops around the world problem. We were hired to invent and develop this product to the prototype and definition of market level. This company is now poised for rapid scaling.

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