Merry Christmas Everyone.

Now that my wife and I have succeeded in putting the proverbial explosion that used to be our house back together, following Thanksgiving, followed by getting evacuated repeatedly from the blazing inferno wildfires that threatened all of Santa Barbara, followed by Christmas and soon to be New Years, I finally had a moment here at 3am to write the first post in the blog & video-blog that I’ve been meaning to start.

What I’m going to start off with is some initial positioning/orientation. What’s this whole thing about startups, disruptive products and why do I care? Well, it’s simple really. Startups are the beginnings of a new business, and disruptive products are the beginnings of a new product category. What this Blog & Vlog is all about is getting those two things off the ground. Think of it as the “cliff’s notes” or “cheat-sheet” or “blueprint” or “user’s manual” to give you something to navigate by if you have what you think is a cool idea and want a little roadmap. I’m giving this key insider knowledge away as a Christmas present.


I’m starting off with the product first, because there’s no sense in starting a company if you don’t have something to sell!

I’m passionate about this topic because I’ve been involved with launching disruptive products for nearly two decades. It’s an exciting journey, and definitely not for the faint of heart. I find it one of the most challenging things you can do in business because not only does it break all the rules and misbehave, but it’s where all the best ideas are located and the most fun people as well. That’s what I find so exciting, and I hope you will too.

I’m writing this piece as the first in a series of eGuides and video-blogs, which I hope will make entrepreneurship and disruptive product development more accessible. The inspiration originally came when I read Clayton M. Christensen’s book “The Innovator’s Dilemma” followed by Tim Ferris’s book “The 4-Hour Workweek”  back to back about 10 years ago.

In Mr. Christensen’s book, he describes the process by which new, better ideas transform the world we live in.  They arrive with humble beginnings, and are dismissed… or even suppressed, by the incumbents of their time.
But what these new ideas have in common is that they have some useful feature, which appeals to a hardcore niche user base that appreciates their simplicity and utility. That user base provides the traction to fuel every iteration of that product’s journey to maturity. With time, the product gets refined and market traction ensues, eventually paving the way for the ultimate disruption of the status quo and incumbent displacement in the process. It’s the underdog story in real life. Mr. Christensen’s insights have transformed the business world by articulating how seemingly insignificant discoveries are almost always at the root of all progress, and how the proliferation of those innovations fundamentally change the course of human history — time and time again. If you want a very public example of a disruptive product that’s beginning to transform the world we live in, look no further than the #Blockchain. The technology is going to fundamentally change the fabric of every major industry and those that adopt it early will do well. Those that fight it and seek to block it are going to be rendered obsolete. We are currently working on 3 different blockchain-powered startups at this time. Contact me if you want to learn more about potentially investing in their pre-sales for their tokens #Pre-ICO.

In Mr. Ferris’s book, he describes the lifestyle you can have, if you begin to think about your role in the business world differently. In essence, he speaks to the fact that you can transform your life by beginning to think, and act, like an entrepreneur. To do this, he talks you through the process of first, taking command of your mindset, followed by your time, your location and your finances. I’m happy to say that with diligence and discipline, I have implemented Mr. Ferris’s teachings in real life, enabling my family a great lifestyle, walking distance to one of my favorite beaches in Santa Barbara, CA, with the ability to work from home, play with my kids when I want, go surfing when the waves are up, and connect with the leaders of major corporations according to my schedule to work on only those projects I’m interested in working on. I’m here to tell you first hand that you too can free your life from the current accepted paradigm of indentured servitude. I tip my hat to Mr. Ferris because he totally nailed it. His perspective on the concept of work is a disruptive innovation in itself. He has correctly articulated how to disrupt your own role in today’s business environment, allowing you take control of your own destiny. If you want to know how to actually take control of your life back and work on your terms, I’ll be sharing exactly how I started Moonshot Works after stepping down from a safe, secure 6-figure job with benefits and a stock option plan.

So, with this Blog & Vlog, I have decided to build upon their teachings, and merge their insightful concepts with some practical street knowledge, as a series of “how-to” manuals that I’ve learned by doing it first hand over the years. This eGuide, and the rest of the series, are intended to be a kind of working manual. The goal is to give you the blueprints for how to do it: how to actually start your own company dedicated to: (1) launching a disruptive product like Mr. Christensen describes, which is (2) designed to provide a viable business model, (3) generating the revenues you need (4) to live the lifestyle you want, like Mr. Ferris describes. It’s a battle plan.

Now, yes, there is something bigger behind this. I’m on a mission. I want to encourage more and more people to take control of their own destinies, and to dedicate their working hours to launching disruptive products and companies dedicated to elevating the human condition. Why? Because those without a voice desperately need you. They need your help through innovation. My personal goal is to start a movement. I call it the #Disrupt-to-Thrive Movement. I want it to get its own momentum as a collective group, where more and more of us start companies dedicated to profitably doing the right thing to help humanity THRIVE. I plan on doing this for the rest of my life on bigger and bigger projects until I’m dead and my kids take over. If this mission resonates with you, please help me spread the word. We can do this, but only if we act together.

Are you in?

Hoping you’ll join me,

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