Hi everyone.

I started Moonshot Works after realizing that the four-hour-workweek by Tim Ferris lacked a blueprint on how to actually implement his plan on taking control of your life back. Where he speaks about his supplements business, he doesn’t tell you HOW he actually started his supplements business. That’s what I’m going to do with this blog. My company doesn’t launch supplements though, we launch highly technical disruptive products for others who want to help the human race thrive.

Here’s the thing: when people think of startups, they think in terms of what the marketing department tells them about how rad the future can be. What they don’t tell you is all of the crap that will go wrong along the way. That’s where we come in.

  • We connect you to the deepest money sources because you’re going to need way more than you think.
  • We connect you to internationally-reknown pools of highly specialized scientific talent to blow holes in your technical team’s research assumptions… because those assumptions are the things that will get you in trouble fundamentally down the road and need to be investigated and navigated up front.
  • We connect you to the hardest core certified industrial design & engineering resources who can take the revised scientific stuff and turn it into products… but not just any products, we only develop those which can serve to make humanity better.
  • We connect you to the secret teams in Hollywood of amazing marketing writers, copy editors, storyboarders, filmmakers & production crews, artists, designers and everyone you’ll need to make your story come alive.
  • And once this stuff has been wrangled, we can even connect you to professional team-building resources who will recruit, train and implement everything you’ll need to create a board of directors, recruit key persons and build your core team around your startup as needed.

I don’t like writing about myself to be honest. I’d rather stay quiet and in the background. But, I do recognize the fact that in order to work with the calibre of people that we work with at Moonshot Works, I have to be a public figure, so that their due-diligence people can vet me and my teams out.

Thus, this blog and the writings, video content and forthcoming podcasts etc. are to that end.

I care passionnately about helping people realize and achieve their dreams, but there’s a catch. I’m not going to waste my time bringing anything hollow to market. If you’re wanting to lever me to launch a get-rich-quick scheme, I’m not your guy. If you’re wanting to lever me and my resources to help you figure out how to bring clean water, energy, technology, commerce and food to people who need it, I’m all in.

So, what I’m going to do here with this blog is give you some key insights and tools that me and my teams have learned over the years bringing insanely complicated technologies to market. We’ve done some incredible things, most of which are shrouded in secrecy, but we’ll share with you the stuff that we look for and consider when we work with our clients.

Why? Because if we can help others think strategically when launching startups, the world is guaranteed to be a better place. It’s the people who break the rules that create any and all innovation. What I want to give them is the gift of a roadmap.

The old way of thinking is ending. The Industrial Revolution is getting replaced. That’s why the status-quo is so volatile. The monopoly of control is getting decentralized. Think about the implications of that for a second… the next 20 years are going to be the most intense period of history arguably ever.

The question you have to ask yourself every day is, are you going to clinging to the old world, fighting over what you perceive to be scarce resources? Or, are you going to be a part of the new world, connecting with people around the world who have better ideas on how to solve problems?

If you answered the latter, hit me up on the contact page and let me know how you can help us, or how we can help you.



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